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It’s 2017 – Who goes to Camp?

by Mike Gordon

The reality is summer camp ministry across the country is alive and well! Camps like Pioneer Camp continue to make incredible impacts in the lives of young people, helping to further their relationship with Jesus. However, through my travels across the country, I sometimes hear people say “It’s 2017, who goes to Camp?”, as if it’s a thing of the past…

So, who goes?

  • People looking for Adventure
  • Yes, summer is coming up soon and we dream about all the things we can do with our two months off – But honestly, sleeping in, staying up late, playing video games and watching Netflix is usually what we gravitate towards for two months straight. That’s a boring summer. Camp gives us the opportunity to have new and fresh adventures outside the norm which create memories to share for years to come.
  • People looking for Community
  • If you have not been to camp, I am sure you have heard people around you talk about the camp friendships they established throughout the summer, regardless of the social status they have. These friendships and community have a different kind of depth to them as you experience life on another level with them at camp. Through these new adventures, furthering your relationship with Jesus with them by your side, and just simply spending every day with them while you are there, this develops a community through friendships which we might not have throughout the year.
  • People looking for Jesus
  • Not too long ago there was research released ( see Hemorrhaging Faith) based off of Canadian stats which shared that 80% of people who grew up in the church ended up walking away from Jesus by the time they were young adults. However, across the board, the ones who were continuing to follow Jesus throughout their young adult years were those who had Christian camp experience. Through camp speakers, music and this community, camp created a different kind of atmosphere to truly help people take ownership of their personal relationship with Jesus… possibly for the first time creating a strong foundation for youth as they moved into the young adult years of their life where that personal relationship with Jesus is put to the test in the culture they are surrounded by.

The impact Christian summer camps like Ontario Pioneer Camp has does not just benefit us during the summer, but the memories, friendships and established relationship with Jesus can last well into the future. Camp ministry is alive and well and is definitely not just a thing of the past. Time to check out summer camp this summer!


Mike Gordon Mike has been in full-time ministry for the last 14 years. With education in business and theology, he spent many years helping churches and organizations start-up ministries before he hit the road travelling full-time as speaker. He has averaged over 225 speaking engagements per year since 2012. Mike currently does his ministry under Youth for Christ Canada where he focuses on speaking, as well as running his latest ministry start-up called 2230 for young professionals. Mike has also been a speaker at Pioneer during FUEL and pre-camp staff training.



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