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A Parent’s Survival Guide to Summer Camp

A Parent’s Survival Guide to Summer Camp by Sheena Hey there parents, So you signed your kid(s) up for camp… You watched the videos, read the info, debated what camp activities to do and completed the registration forms. Now, here you sit in front of an empty suitcase, trying to remember what exactly you were thinking all those months ago. Are you wondering how your child is going to dress themselves every day? Have you pondered if they’ll brush their teeth? Are you worried about how they’ll feel mid-week when pangs of homesickness start to show up? I’ve been...

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Is Your Child Too Young?

Is Your Child Too Young For Summer Camp? by Andrea Our son’s first time at Summer camp was at 7 years old. When I think of how little he really was, I wonder WHAT were we thinking?! He was a real shy boy and not independent at all but he really wanted to go to camp so we signed him up for a week at Ontario Pioneer Camp. As the weeks got closer he got more excited and Mommy got more nervous. I figured some comforts from home would be helpful so I made sure to pack his fave stuffies, pictures of friends and family and a new letter to open every day. I packed all his daily...

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It’s 2017 – Who goes to Camp?

It’s 2017 – Who goes to Camp? by Mike Gordon The reality is summer camp ministry across the country is alive and well! Camps like Pioneer Camp continue to make incredible impacts in the lives of young people, helping to further their relationship with Jesus. However, through my travels across the country, I sometimes hear people say “It’s 2017, who goes to Camp?”, as if it’s a thing of the past… So, who goes? People looking for Adventure Yes, summer is coming up soon and we dream about all the things we can do with our two months off – But honestly, sleeping...

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