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4 Ways to Create a Culture of Thankfulness in Your Home

4 Ways to Create a Culture of Thankfulness in Your Home Thanksgiving is almost upon us and let’s be honest, it can sometimes be a bit crazy. The value of thankfulness can easily get lost in the panic of almost burning the pie and trying to remember not to say certain things around specific family members. Although it can be a struggle for all of us, thankfulness is an integral part of our faith and if it isn’t in the culture of our family, it likely won’t be lived out in the daily lives of our kids. My parents, or the “rents” as I like to call them, really instilled...

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The 3 Secrets Camps Know About Creating Leaders

A few summers ago I took two of our key staff members to observe Ontario Pioneer Camp’s locations while they were in action. After 36 hours of being on site, their number one observation was this...

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Camp Tips from one Parent to Another

Every first-time camp parent has been there... Driving up the camp road with that nervous / excited feeling, anticipating what your child has in store for them, and the rush of emotions that hit you when you first meet the counselor and you process that this will be the person caring for your little one...

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Not Your Ordinary Summer

Such ‘Nick’ moments happen all the time. But that doesn’t make them commonplace. Every moment signals something special happening in the life of a camper. Every moment adds up to an incredible experience, newly developed skills, increased faith and maturing character...

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New Adventure Camp Director

We are excited to announce that Katharine 'Delo' Beaven will be the new Adventure Camp Director! With over fifteen years of Christian summer camp experience, Katharine has filled roles from Boating Director to Kitchen Staff. Having experience in most areas of camp leadership has given her great appreciation....

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Having Eyes to See

Recently I woke to a thick fog settled over Muskoka. I grabbed my camera and sweater, and walked to an open field to observe the blurred horizon and the damp colours beneath the fog. As I stared, I began to make out the trees and the sun rising, and even as my hands turned cold the beauty of the morning engulfed me. Walking back to the cabin...

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