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Is Your Child Too Young For Summer Camp?

by Andrea

Our son’s first time at Summer camp was at 7 years old. When I think of how little he really was, I wonder WHAT were we thinking?! He was a real shy boy and not independent at all but he really wanted to go to camp so we signed him up for a week at Ontario Pioneer Camp.

As the weeks got closer he got more excited and Mommy got more nervous. I figured some comforts from home would be helpful so I made sure to pack his fave stuffies, pictures of friends and family and a new letter to open every day. I packed all his daily outfits in individual zip-lock bags so it was easy to find, labelled everything and then packed some extra of everything just in case. Too say he was over-packed was an understatement!!

When drop off day came, we got him all set up in his cabin, kissed him goodbye and loaded him up on tuck shop money because candy is always a good way to bring a smile to his face. As we pulled away our 5 yr old began to cry followed by my husband and myself. During his week away i would jump every time the phone rang assuming it would be the camp calling to tell me that he was homesick and ready to come home. That call never came. One long week later we excitedly headed up to pick up our boy. My Mommy X-ray vision spotted him immediately. He ran over and gave us hugs, said he wanted to stay another week and then he ran away to be with his friends! What??!! Apparently the only ones that had a rough week was his Dad, sister and I who were so worried about him for no reason.

My boy came back to us more independent, social and full of great memories. He takes about all of his new friends he made, the great staff and all of the new experiences he had. My picky eater loved the food and even jumped in the lake every morning for a polar bear dip. Who was this new boy that we were taking home with us? We were so impressed with the changes that just one week of camp made.

Had we made the right decision to send him at such a young age? ABSOLUTELY! He is now going back for his 5th Summer at OPC and he is so excited. His even thinks ahead to the future when he and his camp buddies can be part of Leaders in Training and Camp Counsellors. We love that he loves camp and it is the highlight of his Summer every year! Thanks to the staff at OPC for making one week every summer “the best week ever” So is your child too young for sleep-away camp? If they are eager to go, I say send them because they are amazing and will surprise you! Are you ready to let them go? Maybe not but you will be glad you let them go!


Andrea is married to a wonderful man and Mom to 2 great kids. They love to get out and try new things as a family and make new memories.

Follow her at www.vacationingwithkids.com.



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