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Outdoor Education at Pioneer Camp

The Outdoor Education Program at Ontario Pioneer Camp is designed to help students develop leadership and interpersonal skills while promoting a greater appreciation of the environment they live in and the benefits of being physically active.

At Pioneer we specialize in partnering with schools to develop a program that is designed to grow and challenge students and to help achieve your learning objectives. We understand that each person learns differently and use differentiated instruction to try and most effectively engage every student.

We offer a variety of programs in areas including Recreation, Education, Adventure and Leadership. Our programs are based on the Ontario Curriculum and all are

programs follow the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA) guidelines. Our certified staff are trained to teach these programs and all the equipment required is provided on site.

We understand that each group and experience is unique and the Ontario Pioneer Camp team will strive to help to make this experience significant and memorable. We are committed to fostering an environment that is encouraging and supportive in order to maximize each student’s and faculty‚Äôs experience.

*For more information or to book your Pioneer Camp experience, please contact our registrar.

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